Home is where the heart is, and that’s why In Home Care’s flexible care options help you keep your independence. From hourly, overnight or live-in care – you’ll continue to live the life you love from the cosiness of your own home.

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We offer three types of Domiciliary care For both Children and Old Age such as Hourly, Overnight, Live-in, find the care that’s right for you.

Hourly Care

If you need hourly care, our visits range from as little as 30-minutes to an hour plus. This service is perfect for those who need a hand with small tasks, such as food preparation and getting in and out of bed. It’s also ideal for families who look after ageing or disabled relatives to receive respite.

If you’re keen to remain independent, but require a helping hand, our team of carers are there for you.

Overnight Care

For many, overnight care is essential. Whether it’s getting to and from the toilet or having somebody close by, especially for those suffering from dementia which can leave the individual confused and prone to falls and accidents, our Overnight carers make sure you or your loved one are taken care of from dusk ‘til dawn.

If you’re after peace of mind during the night, the Stpaul Care team will help you sleep a little easier.

Live-in Care

There comes a time when live-in care is the only way forward, but it doesn’t mean the end of your independence. Our discreet carers live with you or your loved one from home and make sure everything is taken care of, from continence care and washing to food preparation and companionship.

Our live-in carers will be familiar faces you’ll get to know and feel comfortable with, whether you need disabled, elderly or end of life care.

Children Residential

Our aim is to provide a safe and structured environment that actively nurtures and cares for young people, affording them the same rights and opportunities as enjoyed by those not living in care.

Our Goals

We endeavour to adapt our care around each individual by putting them at the heart of all we do. In partnership with the individual, family members and friends.

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Stpaulcare we are here to serve you, in all difference types of domiciliary care.

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